Support Norwich School

Philanthropy plays a vital role in realising our vision for the long-term stability and development of Norwich School. That vision includes the enrichment of learning both in and outside the classroom, the broadening of access through bursaries and providing opportunities for leadership and service in the wider community.

The money we raise helps to support us in three important areas: namely, the provision our bursaries, our facilities and equipment and our crucial Headmaster’s Fund.


How you can help

We are grateful for all donations, regardless of size. Find out more about ways to give.



Each year, we receive over 100 requests for bursaries from new pupils, and also existing pupils whose families are facing hardship due to unexpected challenges.

Our ambition is to increase the funds available for assisted places so that more children can reap the benefits of a Norwich School education.

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Facilities and equipment

The physical infrastructure of the school enriches the daily experience of our pupils - but it is not always easy to provide a cutting-edge education in medieval buildings! We need to refresh our facilities and equipment regularly to stimulate pupils’ engagement, interaction and creativity.

We’re also embarking on a ground-breaking project to deliver a significant multi-stage site development by 2020

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Head Master’s Fund for greatest need

Philanthropic gifts help to provide a secure footing for us to plan ahead and enables us to respond swiftly and flexibly to changing circumstances. Donations can make a significant and immediate impact on the school.

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