Current Projects

The New Blake Studio

We have started building work on the first project in the school’s Development Plan - the new Blake Studio, a dedicated performance and plenary space with a capacity of about 200.

The Blake Studio will host dramatic and musical events, as well as lectures, in an environment that boasts state-of-the-art facilities.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to support the project by lending your name to a seat in the new Studio. 

For £250, you can dedicate the seat to a friend or family member, or simply commemorate your years at Norwich School. By participating, you will help us to enhance the school’s facilities to the benefit of all our pupils.

A plaque with an inscription of your choice will be attached to your seat. You can even ‘buy’ an entire row – or, if you prefer, lend your name to some other item of equipment.  

For details, please get in touch with the Development Office. You will be invited to the opening of the new Blake Studio when you will be able to view your seat.