The Mathematics Department strives to promote an interest and a curiosity in all aspects of mathematics. We equip our pupils to communicate abstract ideas effectively and to develop confidence in their ability so.

While we teach mathematics for their own sake, the subject provides a natural support for all other numerically-based disciplines.

We are very keen to promote mathematics as a realistic option for further study and we provide a firm foundation of skills to allow our pupils to do so. Consequently, wherever possible, we pose questions that demand a depth of thinking or require several different mathematical techniques to derive their solutions. In our experience, this is the best way to stimulate our pupils' enthusiasm for their mathematical studies and to deepen their engagement with the subject.

Above all, we aim to engender a real enjoyment of mathematics and an appreciation of the beauty of its concepts. 

4th Form

Lower 4 and Upper 4 provide a good introduction to the subject and what we expect of our pupils. In summary, our aim during these two, crucial years is to develop numerical and algebraic skills through a variety of methods, while providing an introduction to the linking together of mathematical ideas to solve non-routine problems.

Broadly speaking, learning follows the Mathematics Enrichment Programme (MEP) although the material we teach is not wholly restricted to that covered in the scheme. 

5th Form

Lower 5 represents a transitional year from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 study. We begin by completing the topics included in the MEP. Then, from the start of the Lent Term, the study becomes more aligned with the IGCSE course and our scheme of learning follows some introductory topics which are formally assessed before pupils progress to Middle 5.

Our Middle and Upper 5 pupils follow the Edexcel IGCSE. Current Upper 5 pupils are sitting the A*-G specification and the Middle 5 pupils (2016-2017) will begin a new 9-1 specification.

There are two ‘accelerated’ top sets in both Upper and Middle 5 and these are expected to take the OCR Additional Mathematics examination as well as the IGCSE.  

6th Form

Currently, our Sixth Form pupils take the OCR A-Level Mathematics course (3890, 7890). The typical route for pupils is to sit Core 1, Core 2 and Statistics 1 for AS and Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1 in the Upper 6th.
The Department also offers OCR Further Mathematics (3892, 7892) and Lower and Upper 6 usually include two Further Mathematics sets. Our further mathematicians sit the full OCR Mathematics A-Level at the end of Lower 6th and the full OCR Further Mathematics A-Level in Upper 6th.

A typical profile consists of Further Pure (FP) 1, FP2, FP3, Stats 2, Mechanics 2 and an option of Mechanics 3 or Decision 2. All pupils take Decision 1.

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