Form Tutors play a crucial role in the provision of pastoral care for pupils in the Lower School. They provide a point of daily contact and monitor work and welfare. We regard as crucial this fostering of positive, constructive relationships between home and school, and the Form Tutors act as a conduit through which information passes between pupils, parents and teachers.

Boys and girls in the Lower School are encouraged to be fully involved in school life and to reach their full potential. They are closely monitored by their Form Tutors who set time aside each day to offer support and advice if it is needed.

Every boy and girl is a member of a House. These are named after the historic gates of Norwich - Conisford, Heigham and Magdalen. There are regular contests between the Houses as well as weekly recognition for gaining the most House Stars.

The healthy rivalry between the Houses develops team spirit and a proprietary sense of pride. House Tutors monitor the pupils in the House environment and this dual pastoral approach, along with Form Tutors, provides each individual with caring and comprehensive support.

The Lower School encourages and initiates regular communication between home and school. All pupils have a prep diary in which parents can leave notes for the Form Tutor. Parents can drop into the school during the mornings to speak with a teacher, or phone the Lower School Secretary to make an appointment. There are also opportunities for formal reporting during the year in the form of end-of-term reports and Parents’ Evenings in November and June. 

Pastoral – Conisford

Conisford House is proud to share its name with the city’s famous royal gate. Situated by the King’s Ford river crossing, the gate was built as the royal entrance to Norwich - strong and sturdy, impressive and assured, yet unobtrusive in its everyday role in serving the hard-working industrial heart of the city. Accordingly, members of Conisford House are confident in their talents and abilities: Strong and inspiring, bold and self-assured, yet modest, hard-working and supportive of each other. 

Our motto, Never give up on the way to victory, reflects our drive and commitment to success – both as a House and through our individual efforts, not always winning but always striving to do our best. This year, we were runners-up in the House Music Festival, singing the Beatles’ Yesterday/Help most energetically and to wide acclaim. We came a close second, too, in the House stars, sometimes leading the weekly totals.

Our sporting excellence and strengths in all disciplines showed through impressive individual and team performances through the year, and members also demonstrated their diversity of musical and acting talents on stage and in concert.

All in all, a year of fine endeavour by all Conisfordians

Pastoral – Magdalen

Magdalen House is named after another of our ancient city gates. It was an impressive construction of flint, brick and mortar, and built as part of the city walls to control trade and defend the town.

Magdalen House members believe that it is important to work as a team and lead by example, always giving of our best and supporting each other. We view friendship and good sportsmanship as being central to our philosophy, as illustrated by the ‘shaking hands’ symbol on our shield.  We pride ourselves on being dignified in both success and defeat.

2016 was a year of amazing successes, including winning the cup for the most Stars and the fewest minuses! We were awarded the trophy for the most points in the Cross Country challenge, and gained the overall winner’s cup on Sports Day. In fact, we were rated House Champions last term!  We hope to continue to rise to further challenges in the new term ahead. 

Pastoral – Heigham

As members of Heigham House we pride ourselves on being the strongest team players in the Lower School.  We may not win every trophy but we always give 110% in every house event that we take part in.  We enjoy making plenty of noise to cheer on our housemates during house sports events and we work like a well-oiled machine at all times – the reason we have won House Challenge Day in two successive two years! 

Our highlight this academic year was having lots of fun whilst winning the House Music Festival for the first time in many years.  Our rendition of Hey Jude/Twist and Shout was fantastic and we even persuaded our teachers to dress up as John, Paul, George and Ringo! 

On our house shield there are olive branches symbolising peace and victory as well as a red dragon that symbolises our passion and bravery, and strikes fear into the hearts of our opponents! Our aim for next year is to break Magdalen House’s stranglehold on the House Cross Country title and to make it a hat-trick of wins on House Challenge Day.