Our driving purpose in Sport is to enable every pupil to achieve what we call ‘Competitive Greatness’. This doesn’t mean that we expect everyone to be a champion in every activity – that would be unrealistic, not to say logically impossible! Rather, we define Competitive Greatness as ‘Having a love for the hard battle; knowing that it offers you the opportunity to be at your best when your best is required’.

This approach to sport can equally be applied across academic studies, to music and dramatic performances, and indeed extended to the world beyond Norwich School.  It is not about winning or losing, but about whether pupils have done everything they can to achieve our best when required.  This, in our view, is the measure of success. 


Our Aims

Our aims are threefold:

First, to provide the opportunity to learn and to nurture positive values, characteristics and skills through a range of sporting activities that will equip pupils for a life of service. 

Our sports culture provides an experience of leadership and teamwork that will encourage them to become, not just better sports people, but better work colleagues and citizens.

Secondly, to stimulate an aspiration to succeed at individual and team success in sport. We achieve this primarily through our core sports programme which is supported by the application of sports science for all of our pupils and teams.

Thirdly, to promote a breadth of activities so that all pupils gain the physical competence, confidence, motivation and knowledge to inspire a lifetime of physical activity.

Our Games Programme offers a range of opportunities for pupils to explore different sports and activities and to find an activity that they are motivated to continue once they leave school.


Competitive Greatness: Our Culture

Competitive Greatness is underpinned by six highly-valued personal characteristics. Each is a combination of attributes which we believe creates better players, better leaders, better team mates - and thereby better people. 


Do you commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve your own and your team’s goals in the face of mistakes, setbacks and failures?


Are you eager to be part of a team and willing to sacrifice personal glory for the common goal? 


Do you display a high degree of effort in everything you do?


Do you understand yourself: your limitations as well as your strengths,  and the particular role you can play in the world?   


Do you have the drive to carry you over obstacles, and the passion for everything you do in your quest for personal and team greatness?   


Do you have the courage to make positive decisions based on solid understanding and to act on these with strength and enthusiasm, even at the risk of failure? (end accordion)

Underpinning Values 

The following are the values that we foster in every participant in sport at Norwich School:

Openness, Mindfulness, Sportsmanship, Self-Awareness, Perspective, Diligence, Determination, Responsibility, Commitment, Respect, Teamwork, Loyalty, Energy, Robustness, Punctuality, Presentation, Hardwork, Grit, Challenge, Win or Learn Mentality, Resilience, Drive, Inspiration, Intensity, Enjoyment and Dedication

By promoting these values, we help to develop well-rounded sports people and to create the foundations for attitudes and behaviours that will sustain our pupils for the rest of their lives.